A new magical attraction in Hatyai – the Magic Museum of Hatyai

One of the latest attraction in Hatyai – the all-new Magic Museum of Hatyai will not only be interesting to magic lovers but pretty much to everyone who visited the Southern-border city.

Previously the Magic-Eye 3D Museum was located next to the Greenway Night Market but since earlier this year, the owner has expanded the operation of the Museum to also include a 200-seating Magic Theater and Magic Museum as well as a Magic Cafe and Restaurant and the whole 3D and Magic Museum, Theater and Restaurant all moved north-ward (along the same road – Kanjanavanich Road) by about 1.5 kilometers.

This attraction is now divided into two section, first is the collection of 3-D art which makes it really fun for visitors to take photos with. (Entrance fees can be purchased separately or as a package fee with the Magic Museum and Theater). We had fun with some of the art, creating good illusion photos for memories. The collection is not too big but they do have some pretty interesting drawings.

The second and main attraction of the place is the Magic Museum and Theater.  The 4x daily live performance by renowned Thai illusionist Black Crystal is done at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and last performance at 4pm. Each performance last about 60 minutes.

Before entering the theater, you will be able to spend sometime at the Magic Museum where you can find props and videos of famous illusion performances. There is a good number of illusion art too at the Magic Museum.

From the Magic Museum, you will be lead to the upper floor where you find more interesting 3D art before the doors open for the live performance.

The live performance will include a short introductory performance by a juggler, conducting a number of impressive audience-interactive  act prior to the grand entrance of master illusionist Black Crystal.  Black Crystal will then performed a good number of illusions with his beautiful assistants and I would say it is pretty good and will get the audience engaged throughout.

After the hour long performance, you can check out the small magic store where you can purchase some magic items (and they teach you how to do it also) to go back and impress your friends.

The Magic Cafe and Restaurant located adjacent to the museum serves good Thai and Western food items. We had our lunch there – inclusive of some Thai dishes (Gengsom Fish (yellow sour curry), Thai Seafood Otak Otak (steamed omellete) and stir-fry vegetables) as well as some delicious western desserts.

Overall, I would say the 3D and Magic Museum of Hatyai is a pretty interesting attraction in Hatyai and one that you should consider visiting during your next visit there.

Magic Museum of Hatyai
412 Kanjanavanich Road
Hatyai, Songkhla 90110
Tel: +66 089 8666191
Email: sales@magicmuseum.co

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