Enjoying the traditional chicken murtabak at the oldest Nasi Kandar shop in Malaysia ~ Hameediyah Restaurant

Recently I had the chance to drop by Malaysia’s Oldest Nasi Kandar shop in Campbell Street in Penang called Hameediyah Restaurant which was established back in 1907 (looks like its been around for more than a hundred years .. that’s a long long time).  I guess the restaurants must be serving some good delicious food for it to be around for so long, especially for food outlets to survive in Penang where diners are very picky.

I know this restaurant serves great nasi kandar ~ so called the BEST Nasi Kandar in Penang as well as great traditional chicken murtabak but I was not ready to eat both, so I went for the traditional chicken murtabak which I felt was more difficult to locate in other restaurants.

Firstly, the restaurant is located at Campbell Street in the UNESCO Heritage Area and parking is a little hard to come by (there’s like just a few parking lots along Campbell Street) but if you are willing to walk a little, I guess you can always park at the multi-storey parking at Chowrasta Market and walk over.

There are no seating available on the ground floor but there’s where you pick up and choose your rice and dishes, if you are going for the nasi kandar or nasi briyani and the murtabaks are also cook right at the front of the store. Limited seating are available on the 1st floor, and its air-conditioned but I was told there is also another seating area just a couple of doors away.

So back to the food ~ I ordered the Traditional Chicken Murtabak and went upstairs (there were a couple of murtabak on the grill when I ordered). The food was served rather fast – probably like a couple of minutes after seated. The murtabak was nice and hot, so I dont think they were pre-made and was served with a wonderful dhall curry and pickled red onions. I notice many shops have stopped serving those pickled red onions with murtabak these days but Hameediyah still does it.

The murtabak, I would say was nicely done, not overly spicy, and had a balance taste. The piece of roti that was sandwiched between the spiced egg and chicken meat makes the murtabak thicker and chewier and gives its a nice texture. The dhall is nice and thick, with traces of the lentil beans and potatoes.

Overall, I would say I am very satisfied with the Traditional Chicken Murtabak which cost me only RM 5.50 plus 6% GST. Hameediyah also serves the murtabak with beef or mutton.

However, just a little negative about the experience at Hameediyah is the service of the waiters ~ a little slow to response and since they are foreigner from Bangladesh, they have a little difficulties understanding what you want at times.

The original Hameediyah Restaurant which was started by Mr Nalla Kader back in 1907 is located at 164-A Campbell Street in Penang (it survived the WWII Japanese bombing) but since then, the restaurant has opened up few other branches in Penang Island, Butterworth and also in the Klang Valley so Malaysians from all over can enjoy this wonderful traditional taste of Penang Nasi Kandar.

Hameediyah Restaurant
No 164-A Campbell Street
10100 Penang
Tel: +604-261 1095

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