How do you register your drone in Thailand

Just a couple of days ago, Thailand announced that the regulation where drone owners have to register their drone comes into effect and any unregistered drone owners can be fined up to 100,000 baht or jailed up to 5 years (read here for more).

Today we would like to provide you with the link on how to properly register your drone if you are heading out to the Kingdom of Thailand with your drone, but do take note that this registration might take two months or more.

To start-off you will need to obtain a public-liability insurance (covering bodily injury, life and property damage) for your drone of up to a million baht per incident. Secondly you need to have your unique ID details for your drone and finally your passport.

Once you have the pre-requisite above, you can proceed to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand site to download the “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Registration Form” (here is the link for the form).

Once you have the form completed, submit them to the Economic Regulation Department and you will wait for approximately 2 or more months for the license which last for two years and the custom clearance letter.

Some of the don’ts while flying your drone in Thailand after you have obtained your license includes:

  1. DO NOT fly closed to a manned aircraft
  2. Keep a 30m horizontal distance from people, building, vehicle or construction
  3. DO NOT fly in restricted area – hospital, government and official buildings unless you have prior approval
  4. DO NOT fly within 9km of any airport or temporary airfield
  5. DO NOT fly higher than 90m above ground
  6. Control and take-off must always be visible during flight. DO NOT control a UAV by camera on aeronautics or other devices.

Any violation of the above rules can land you in jail for up to a year or a fine of 40,000 baht or both.

For more details about the licensing procedures and process, do click here.

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