Tourist need to have 10,000 baht cash to legally enter into the Kingdom of Thailand

After a recent incident where two Malaysians were denied entry into the Kingdom of Thailand due to insufficient cash on hand, Malaysian medias has gotten around to verify the rules and according to a report by The Sun, it is actually not a new ruling but one that has been in place since the last decade but due to high volume of visitors entering and leaving the nation, many of the Thai enforcement authorities – its customs and police do not enforce this ruling stringently.

However, responding to the earlier write-up in The Coverage, a Thai border official has confirmed that a minimum of 10,000 Thai Baht or 20,000 Thai Bath must be carried by individual traveler and family traveling together. This translate to a minimum of RM 1,250 or RM 2,500 respectively now (exchange 100 THB = RM 1.25), however due to the lackadaisical stance at times by border control, many Malaysian travelers take this clause for granted, especially those crossing via the road-borders at Bukit Kayu Hitam.

However, attempts by the media to contact The Royal Thai Consul-General in Penang and the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s branch in Kuala Lumpur for clarifications were unsuccessful.

So if you are going to be traveling across the border anytime soon, do be prepared to have enough cash on hand to avoid any incident.



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